Steve’s Review of the 2011 Folsom Street Fair in SF

At the 2011 Folsom Street Fair I saw everything from a guy with a huge dick jacking off in public to a group of women with strap-ons having a “cock fight.” The best part was walking around to see all of the kinky people and their crazy outfits (or lack of garmets). People in leather/latex costumes, drag, naked, chains, colorful dresses walking around. The most interesting thing was‘s stage where they demonstrated their bondage acts in full nudity. had everything from clothes pins on breasts, choking and water spitting to taser sticks and rope tying. One performer rode a guy as she whipped and choked him on stage. The scars on his back were red and fresh by the end of it all. Craziest thing was a petite woman being lifted by her boobs by a muscular man. Damn, that was painful to watch. And yes, that really did happen.

Pain for pleasure, flogging, was a new experience. I didn’t expect to have fun. First, I was spanked by porn stars Mistress Lorelei Lee and Mistress Bobbi Starr, who are both really charming and beautiful women (do your own “research” on them). Then, Me and Tyler (our cinematographer) donated money to the Center for Sex & Culture (CSC) in SF and in return we were flogged by volunteers from the Society of Janus. We were chained onto the cross and then flogged by two women for 10 minutes. At first it was soft, but then she moved on up to the harder flogger.  Here, see for yourself:

           Although it did hurt at certain points, I’d recommend for people to try S&M activities, maybe try flogging. The flogging was fun, especially when you communicate with the partner you’re performing with. Bobbi Starr actually hit me harder than the two floggers, because I didn’t use my “safe-word.” Haha. Soft scratching on my back is the best right after being struck in the back, since your body is really sensitive after body releases endorphins from the pain. It’s an interesting sensation because it provides the best massage ever. I really recommend people to try it at least once. And it’s probably even more fun when you are beating the hell out of your partner instead of being struck. That’s all. Have fun!!!

Also check out the whole CalTV episode on the Folsom Street Fair at:

Peace Out!!!!—-Steve Segovia—


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