Destiny as the perfect storm

Tunes were bumping, people jammed, but all the attention was focused on the big screen this week as students gathered in Wozniak lounge for the Red Bull Clash Course collegiate gaming tournament. This Red Bull sponsored event is a launch for the new game, Destiny. Teams at Berkeley as well as nation-wide are competing for the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles to compete in the national finals.


The quest challenges Destiny players to complete a six stage journey to earn exclusive rewards. Rewards include the Joy Ride Ghost, the insanely fast SR-0 Swifter Sparrow and lastly, the even faster SR-1 Swiftriver, which is capable of tricks.


Although I personally thought video games were specifically individual, seeing students work together to accomplish a mission and strategize  reflected an essence of teamwork that I was not expecting from this community.


These new Red Bull gamer exclusive cans that were sprinkled around the venue, feature Destiny and eSports athlete, Flamesword, which is a first for the company. Because what goes together better than video games caffeine? Nothing.





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