The End of the Semester As Told By Friends

It’s that time of the year again. Papers and projects galore and the impending doom that is finals week. Hopefully to get your mind off of all that stress and  have a little laugh, here are stages of the end of the semester, as told by the cast of Friends.

Usually dead week starts off as a time to relax, but that eventually flies by and then it’s time to get down to it. Your friends want to have study groups and  you professors offer “optional reviews” for you to go to but you’re just like:


So you finally bring yourself to start to work but you realize how much you have and it’s far too overwhelming.


You brave through and start your studying and immediately regret not paying attention/skipping lecture because it dawns on you how little you actually know so you just look through all your notes like:


You start to panic, get frustrated and have a little bit of a breakdown so you vent to your friends.


But when your parents call to check up on you, you got to play it cool so you don’t worry them.


You begin to stress eat. You become way hungrier and way more irritable.


You get to the point of despair in which you feel like your life is in shambles, so you start getting upset about aspects of your personal life that really have nothing to do with the stress of school.


And then before you know it, you take your finals and all the stress is gone. You feel on top of the world and come home for the holidays like: tumblr_inline_nd1kp7RVBu1qdh7nt

So there you have it. I sincerely hope this was able to lighten your mood in the midst of this stressful time of the year. Remember, you’ve been through this before and everything is going to be okay. All you can do is your best. You’re almost done! Good luck and keep pushing!


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