‘Focus’ on the positives: Give Grande a chance


By now, you’ve probably heard Ariana Grande’s single “Focus” off of her new album Moonlight. Judging by how fast it fell down the iTunes chart, a lot of you probably didn’t enjoy it. It has been getting mixed reviews from critics and most of her fans have dubbed it “FLOPCUS,” mad at Grande for tarnishing her brand with such a bad single. As someone who originally hated “Focus,” I’m here to say, give it a chance. At first I thought that it was amateur, grating, and annoying. However, after a couple of listens and watching the music, I am now a converted “Focus” fan asking you all to join me. Now you might be thinking I’m crazy and want to disregard everything I have to say. But let me give you five quick reasons you should give Grande the chance she deserves.

The Music Video Makes the Song

After watching the music video, I was sold. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the music video borrows heavily from the KPOP aesthetic and it’s amazing. Combing choreography from Grande along with beautiful imagery, the music video makes the song more digestible.

The Production is Amazing

Featuring “stabbing big-band brass, slick synths and clanging percussion”(Rolling Stone), the song is radio ready. Produced by Max Martin, the song sounds like a million dollars and Grande sounds pretty good on it if you ask me.

That’s What the Song is Supposed to Sound Like

At first listen, the chorus featuring Jamie Foxx’s uncredited vocals are a bit jarring, to say the least. But that’s what it’s supposed to sound like. Foxx addition makes the song sound like a throwback and is reminiscent of James Brown. Even though it sounds off at first, take into consideration that that was the intent and play along. It’ll be more fun.

Ariana is Doing What She Does Best

A lot of the criticism is that “Focus” sounds to much like Grande previous lead single “Problem.” But if it isn’t broken why fix it? This is what Grande does best so give her the chance to do it, because she does it pretty well.

It’s So Much Fun

After a couple of listens, the chorus will get stuck in your head and it won’t leave. It’s such a fun song to dance and just enjoy. Why do you hate fun? Stop hating. Just enjoy the song and have a little dance party.

-Timmy Ngo


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