The Secret to Having a Great Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving I have this tradition that always gets me in the spirit of the holiday and I feel it is time I share my secret wisdom with the world. Leading up to Thanksgiving, watch all Thanksgiving episodes of Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Feel free to throw a little Will and Grace in there too if you’re feeling adventurous. Trust me, it is amazing. There’s just something about New York around the holidays that really lifts your spirit.



I always look forward to this tradition. Watching great television and getting excited to spend the holiday with the people you are most thankful for is one of those times through the year where you just love life. Forget about all the stress of school, work, whatever it may be and just relax. Enjoy the holiday, enjoy being  able to watch TV and ultimately enjoy this precious time with family and friends. Give my tradition a try and I promise it’ll make this Thanksgiving that much better!





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