10 Reasons Why Sweater Weather at Berkeley is AH-MAZING

Sweater Weather.  Need I say more? I am absolutely loving the crisp air here at Berkeley and I’ll tell you 10 good reasons why.

  1. It’s more socially acceptable to drown yourself in an oversized sweatshirt.

  2. Despite all the oversized sweaters and leggings, everyone’s fall styles are on point.
    Paris Fashion Week Fashion Week animated GIFmodel animated GIF

  3. I’m no longer drowning in sweat while walking up the hill.
    nervous animated GIF

  4. I’m no longer melting in Wheeler (the land of zero air circulation).
    James Mcavoy Fanning animated GIF

  5. Curling up in bed with tea and Netflix has never felt so good.

  6. My peers no longer reek of blood, sweat, and tears.
    Reaction Sad animated GIF

  7. Scarves and beanies means softness all over your neck and face.

    cold animated GIF

  8. The cold weather is a symbol of the approaching holidays.
    New Girl Winter Is Coming animated GIF

  9. and Black Friday deals…
    Action Black Friday animated GIF

  10. and holiday parties.
    The Office Party animated GIF

This weather has me antsy for Thanksgiving break and the amazing feast that will have me gaining 10 pounds in one night. Soon after that, I’ll drowning myself in Christmas joy and gaining another 10 pounds (to keep myself warm, you know?). Enjoy the sweaters weather, bears.

Jasmine Pak


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