Rocky Horror San Francisco: Doing Halloween Right

This past week I started Halloween off right by going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Clay Theatre in San Francisco. Rocky Horror is a cult classic and the longest running midnight movie in history. It has not left the theater since being released in 1975 and just this year celebrated its 40th anniversary!


Over the past few decades, it has become a widespread tradition to have live actors acting out the film as it plays on the big screen. The audience also gets involved, with some die hard fans dressing up as characters in the film and others just coming in their Halloween costumes. If it is your first time seeing the show with a live cast, you are considered a “virgin.” They have some special little rituals that they have virgins participate in, but I will refrain from spoiling any of the fun for those who have not yet been. It was in fact my first time seeing it live this past week. So yes, I lost my Rocky Horror virginity.


This experience is insanely unique, a must for any movie lover. The interactions are a little raunchy, though undoubtedly hilarious. I have never had that much fun in a movie theater in my life. Take a group of your friends and go on down to your nearest theater showing Rocky Horror. I think I might just make this a Halloween tradition. Anything truly goes at Rocky Horror. Go indulge your darkest fantasies and become a creature of the night.



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