Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police take Alicia Silverstone’s baby-feeding video further than you want

So I started catching up with the recordings on my DVR, and found the latest episode of E!’s Fashion Police.  Little to my knowledge, I would soon see something I wish I could, but cannot possibly, unsee.  Joan always likes to mix things up, and just felt the urge to communicate her thoughts (in that fearlessly inimitable way) on the now infamous video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby by chewing the food in her mouth first then transferring it directly to her baby’s (I knew she was vegan, but this is news to me).  Like a bird basically.  Apparently lots of parents do it, just none that I’ve met (unless they were in the “I feed my baby like a bird” closet that Alicia is trying to bust wide open).  That the video is called “Breakfast with Baby Bear” sounds kinda creepy, (still love you Alicia).

Click the link below (if you dare) to watch Joan feed her fellow cast members with the true love of a mother.  Kudos to the cohosts for going for it, especially little cutie-patootie George Kotsiopoulos, and major points to fellow cohost Giuliana Rancic for taking the biggest bite straight from Joan’s gullet (we felt your pain).  I guess they really are a family if they let this happen.




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