Burgers and Brews

Last weekend my roommates had visitors in from out of town and after a long day of rock climbing we had worked up a pretty hefty appetite. It was one of those long days in the sun where nothing sounds better than a big, juicy cheeseburger paired with a side of fries. My roommate suggested  Eureka! restaurant in Downtown Berkeley and as someone who typically doesn’t eat beef I was really impressed.


We arrived to restaurant around 5:30 pm and had a 30 minute wait for our table and for a Friday night we were pretty impressed to be seated at all. We made our way over to the bar as I admired the ambiance of the restaurant. The decor was in a rustic wood, paired with metallic and aged copper which blended perfectly to create warmth yet still appear chic. When we arrived to the bar, to our surprise it was “Hoppy” Hour still and we were able to receive discounts on their 20+ local draft beer selection.  The bar mainly features only local breweries so while enjoying your beer you’re helping out a small business. The bartender also described how they rotate the kegs out constantly and the selection is always changing. Beer drinkers this is definitely the place to check out.


Apparently they have this deal every day from 2-6pm and again from 9pm-close which includes beer and appetizer specials. As a college student I know I am always looking for ways to save money! Not being into beer myself, I ordered the  truffle fries and they were to die for. The portion was surprising large for $4 so I wanted to save my appetite for my burger. In a matter of what seemed minutes, we said goodbye to our pleasant bartender and got our table. images

When it comes to beef I typically don’t eat it, but Eureka! uses all natural ingredients that is certified organic and comes from local resources. So I gave in and had a Tortilla Burger, which is an interesting creating by wrapping the burger in a tortilla. I was really impressed and the burger was $10.50 with a side of fries. Considering its organic price points that low paired with the ambiance and service are almost nonexistent in the Bay Area.


Next time you need a break from studying or a great place to hang with friends, definitely check out Eureka! 

2068 Center Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
510. 809. 8282

Zach Fischer

CalTV Entertainment

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