Last Minute Call: Halloween Costumes??


It’s that time of year!!!!

You mean midterms? Papers? Telebears Phase I??? Yeah you got that right. But it’s also Halloween, and being the busy college students CAL students always are, Halloween costumes don’t get priority. So here are some easy last minute costumes to throw together:

  1. Black mail: Wear and black and tape mail to your body. Everywhere.
  2. Vampire Weekend: Great for a two person costume. Paint some blood around your mouth or dark shadows under your eyes and wear a t-shirt that says Saturday or Sunday.
  3. Cereal Killer: Carry a box of cereal and plastic knife around, maybe add red paint for flourish?
  4. Facebook: Jim from the tv show the Office.
  5. Freudian slip: wear a slip or other night gown and tape Freudian psychology terms all over your body!
  6. Bag of Eminems: wear a plastic bag and tape Eminems face all over it.
  7. Dick in a box Guy: Andy Samberg can’t be beat, but you can come a close second.
  8. 2 Chainz: You and a friend each wear a chain! So punny !!
  9. Nickelback: Tape/glue nickels to the back of your shirt!!
  10. Or finally just wear your clothes and be a nudist on strike.




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