CalTV’s Top 5 Spooky Movies

Unable to get your fix for horror movies? Well look no further, we’ve got you covered. It’s Halloween season and we’ve got our top 5 list of horror movies that will give you the creeps, jump scares, and gore that you’ve been looking for – and no, this list does not include Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown. Let’s get started!

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  1. Saw (franchise)

Blood. Screaming. Death traps.

The Saw franchise revolves around the mastermind killer, “Jigsaw,” who is actually a man named John Kramer who is dying from an inoperable frontal lobe tumor which developed from colon cancer. With a new appreciation for life, he is sickened by others’ poor decisions in life and puts them through a series of games – or “tests” as he calls them – to test their will to live.

With a background in civil engineering, the Jigsaw Killer constructs self-invented death traps. Here are my 3 favorites of his deadliest traps.
3. The Rack Trap

If it isn’t quick and smooth, then it’s slow and painful. This trap is painful to watch just because we have to watch his body parts slowly morph into ways they should never be morphed. The machine rotates each arm, each leg, and his head a full 360 degrees until we finally see him die. This is some brutal stuff.
2. The Reverse Bear Trap (Saw, Saw 3D)

To unlock yourself from this brutal trap, you’re going to have to slice through a man’s – who is alive, I might add – insides to retrieve the key to unlock this skull splitting trap. This victim actually succeeds in getting out of this device. Inevitably, the trap pops up in another Saw movie and of course, rips the victim’s head apart.
1. The Flytrap (Saw 2)

I’ll spare you a GIF here. This contraption is locked onto the victim’s chest and has two opposing metal masks with hundreds of nails protruding towards the face. If you can retrieve the key by digging into your own eye socket in time, you can keep the Flytrap from clamping together over your head and driving through your skull.

  1. “The Descent” (2005)

Upon watching the trailer, you may think, “Wow, this is lame.” However, this movie amazingly taps into our innate fears of dark, claustrophobic spaces. In the movie, Sarah goes on a spelunking adventure with her daring female friends after the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter. Here’s the moment before they experience absolute hell.

horror animated GIF

Of course, the spelunking trip takes a dive into the disasters of getting trapped in dark hellholes all while drama breaks out between the girls and mysterious creatures go after the girls. This movie will keep you clenching your fist and on your toes and definitely out of caves.

  1. Paranormal Activity 5

The Paranormal Activity franchise has garnered a huge audience from its very first movie. Though these movies are not necessarily the greatest horror movies, they definitely succeed in getting in a few jump scares here and there and psychotically mess you up for a few nights. Note that you don’t need to watch the movies in order to understand what is going on, but it’s awesome to see the connections and links between the movies if you have seen them in order.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones brings a different setting to the franchise and focuses on Jesse, who gets a new camera and begins to document disturbing occurrences around his apartment. When his neighbor, who was rumored to be a witch, is found dead, they begin to snoop around her apartment and discover a strange altar with photos of himself and his friend. Jesse soon discovers that he himself is marked and possessed by a demon. This movie is not only horrifying with jump scares and creepy demons, and suspense, but it also contains several humorous moments that do not distract the audience from the horror movie that it is.

  1. The Hills Have Eyes
    horror animated GIF

This remake of the 1970 film is freaking creepy. I am literally getting goose bumps just writing my thoughts on it. I didn’t think that this movie would get me when I first watched the trailer, but after watching it, it was not just scary, but it was grossly scary. It is filled with violence, gore, suspense, and brutality.

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In this movie, an American family travels through the vast southwest of America. They take a detour that is deserted from society. When the car breaks down, the family is left stranded. However, they soon realize that this was no accident and must endure the attacks and traps by the mutated inhabitants of the hills. The stranded area was originally used by U.S. Government for nuclear testing, and was believed to be empty….. but it wasn’t, and now the family has to endure a planned gruesome massacre.

  1. The Conjuring

We’re finally at #1 – The Conjuring. Why did I put this movie at the top of the list? This movie is not just scary for its crazy-ass jump scares and creepy ghost and demon possessions, but its based on a true story. Also, these jump scares and the level of possession is ten times as scary as any other horror movie I’ve seen. Can you say “NOOOOPE!” ??? (To be fair, I watched it in IMAX, so the effects were extra… effective to say the least).

movie animated GIF

In this movie, American paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren head to the home of the Perron family who experience the terror of evil forces in the house. Watch the story unfold through the dark and gruesome history and the evil demons present the most terrifying case the Warrens have had to deal with. Good luck. This movie may or may not have made me cry.

Good luck and have fun, and don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Happy Halloween!

Jasmine Pak


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