The Katering Show – A Sticky and Savory Dish


Oh, the Australians… our beloved Vegemite-eating, Kylie Minogue producing, south of the equator relatives. While our countries are separated by a vast ocean, and an even vaster differentiation in the pronunciation of our vowels, our cultures are seemingly bonded by our love for a good laugh. The Australians have a fantastic sense of humor. As a stand up comedian, I constantly find myself turning to Australian TV shows for my own personal vegging in front of the laptop screen, in bed with a bottle of wine and a half-eaten package of cookies – Chaser’s War on Everything, Kath and Kim, and Please Like Me are some of my all time faves and come highly recommended.

However, an Australian webseries has recently come to my attention and has only added to my adoration and love for the Australian wit and worldview. The Katering Show, starting Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney, follows the journey of a “food intolerant and an intolerable foodie.” To describe it in American terms: think Broad City trapped in a suburban kitchen with excessive amounts of alcohol. Poking fun not only at cooking shows and food culture, these two comedians serve their satire with a heaping side of savory dark humor and a delightful garnish of feminism. Their videos contain some strong language and unpalatable premises, but their critique of modern life is an acquired taste well worth developing.

Bon Appetit!

For more clips of the Katering Show check out:

Lead Ballon TV

by Nate Blanchard

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