Calling all Actors, Directors, Models or anyone else aspiring to break into the arts!

UC Berkeley students, you are some of the most multi-faceted individuals I have come across. Students impressively balance academic pressures in many demanding majors, while still exploring their creative side in the arts. In the tail end of the midterm season, I have found an incredible resource for those looking to further pursue working in the entertainment industry while balancing your busy school schedule.


The group is called Coffee & Catchup, and is a local organization in San Francisco, that brings all levels of talent together for networking and collaboration in commercial/film/entertainment located in the Bay Area. They meet every Thursday at 8:00am, to discuss industry advice, headshot and resume building, audition techniques,writing and directing workshops and so many more valuable resources. This is a one of a kind resource in such a competitive industry and the founders primary objective is to create an open and supportive networking environment.  All you have to do is show up!


Coffee & Catchup was founded in June, 2014, by two talented actors Cameron Mark Lewis and Taylor Lambert, who have been working in various commercials around the Bay Area and LA.


Cameron and Taylor host the weekly meet-up which meets at Piano Fight every Thursday morning from 8am to 10am. Taylor and Mark truly wanted to create a great resource to make new friends and talk with like-minded people in a warm and welcoming environment.Their group is open to all creatives with the goal is to unite the SF creative community.They are changing the persona of SF from a pit stop on the way to LA or NY, to a destination.They hope to raise the level of professionalism in the Bay Area and attract investors. But also want to provide an environment for creatives to find collaborators for their own personal projects and share auditions amongst one another.

-“We want to create a “real” community, not just an online social sphere. Connecting in person is so important!” Cameron and Taylor

So I encourage you all to check out this amazing resource!!

The first hour is networking and catchup time, and then starting at 9am, they have a one-hour discussion where various topics are discussed either through community discussions, local guest speakers, or panel discussions from some of the top entertainment industry companies.


Some of their upcoming events and guests will include;

October 22 – Community Morning Discussion

October 29 – Brian Benson (Bay Area Producer)

November 6 – SAG (Frank Simeone from Nor Cal SAG office, possibly the executive director of SAG as well)

Previous Guests include:
Leah Meyerhoff (Founder of Film Fatales), Carl Marino, Kathy Garver, Nancy Hayes, Rob Zimmerman, Sarah Kliban, Phil Weiner, Karen X. Cheng, Travis Wallis, Michelle Mokalla (MDT), Gregg Cohen, Tina D’Elia, Lisa Keating, Lee O’Brian, Ronald Chase, Tony Vella, Antonia Bogdanovich, Elaine Clark, Aaron Paul (48 Hour Film Project), Cassandra Chamberlain, Leah Diamond, Kuang Lee, Roth Rind, Alrik Bursell, Joui Turandot, Cynthia Lin, + more.

Check out their webpage to get all the updated information at

Location and Time

Thursday 8:00am -10:00am

Piano Fight

144 Taylor St

San Francisco, CA 9410

Just a short walk from Powell Bart Station

Best of luck students!!


Zach Fischer

CalTV Entertainment

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