The Return of American Horror Story


Last week ushered in everyone’s favorite Fall obsession: American Horror Story. Over the past four seasons, the show’s Executive Producer Ryan Murphy has taken us to the suburbs of Los Angeles with Murder House, a Massachusetts mental institution with Asylum, a New Orleans all-girls boarding school with Coven, and to a small Florida circus with Freak Show. The newest season of our favorite thrilling series follows the theme of addiction in the beat-down, haunted Hotel Cortez.

The season premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel garnered a 12 Million strong audience, including myself. In all honestly, I spend the majority of the 90-minute premiere trying to figure out what I had gotten myself into. As with every other season of American Horror Story, the beauty of the show really lies in the artistic and suspenseful ways that the story line reveals itself episode by episode.

Based on the premiere, this season will be following police detective Bentley in his investigation of the mysterious Hotel Cortez and its guests and employees. If I had to give one reason why this season is definitely one to watch it’s Lady Gaga, better known as The Countess. The sultry Gaga energy that we know and love translates beautifully on-screen and is the perfect match for her blood-drinking, sex-craving character.


American Horror Story: Hotel airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX. Check out this season’s trailer below!

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