Rick and Morty: your next binge watch



For those of you out there who haven’t yet heard of the adult swim cartoon show, Rick and Morty, we here a CalTV Entertainment have found your next binge watch for you.

After a hugely successful first season, Rick and Morty braved a second season, the finale of which was probably the highlight of the entire season. Though the second season has received mixed reviews, the general population is mostly relieved that the show came back at all, and ecstatic as we now hope and anticipate for many more seasons to come.


So hop on the band wagon and start with season 1.

Who wouldn’t enjoy an alcoholic, somewhat sociopathic scientist, grandfather to two impressionable grandkids? Follow them through interdimensional travel humorously juxtaposed with the ties of mundane domestic life.


At a loss for something to watch? This week CalTV E blog suggests: Rick and Morty

It’s just Rick and Morty! Ruh-ick and Morty and their adventures, Morty! Rick and Morty forever and forever, 100 years, Rick and Morty’s things! Me and Rick and Morty running around and… Rick and Morty time! All day long, forever… all- a hundred days! Rick and Morty forever a hundred times! Over and over, rickandmortyadventures.com. Www.rickandmorty.com. Www.rickandmortyadventures. All 100 years. Every minute, rickandmorty.com. Www.100timesrickandmorty.com.


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