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Alessia Cara. If this is your first time ever hearing this name, let me guarantee you – it will not be your last. Alessia Cara, or really, Alessia Caracciolo, is an 19 year old Canadian singer songwriter from Brompton, Ontario – and you actually might have heard snippets of her hit single, “Here,” that also features on her newly released EP, Four Pink Walls, during Spotify advertisements (which by the way is a nice change to the Spotify Prime “ads” of cringing sounds like yelping cats playing ping pong). In these recurring interruptions is where I first heard of Alessia Cara. Five seconds of “Here,” had me completely distracted from anything else around and fully immersed in my curiosity of who and what I was listening to. Alas, I had to conduct some research. She’s under the category “pop,” yet she’s like this neo-pop combination of R&B, soul, even a slightly alternative sound. You can hear the influences of Amy Winehouse, Lorde, and Drake in her music. Still, you can’t pinpoint it to another artist; it is the undeniably unique cool sound of Alessia. There is a soft powerful edge to her tone, and it flows beautifully with every consciously raw lyric. At the time I heard “Here,” this was her only officially released original song. However, like most upcoming artists in the music industry, there was surely more to find on YouTube – whether it was school talent shows from a couple of years ago, self-made music videos of them frollicking around the streets of their neighborhood, or of course, the always fuzzy recordings from a PC of the then baby-faced artist much too close to the camera. Thankfully, I found Alessia in all three.Turns out, Miss Caracciolo has kept what I can only call as a YouTube diary since she was a preteen. Adorable and genuine as it is, these videos only had me more convinced this girl is bound for success. Now, with her EP released, and her debut album Know it All, coming out in the fall, it is clear that Alessia will have out tons of more YouTube videos (probably more with HQ quality) soon.


For those of you new to Alessia Cara, I here have five of my favorite videos of her, from the older videos to the official songs off her EP.


  1. “Here”

    The anti-party celebration of one’s role as the observing loner in the midst of supposed haters and puking newbies. We all experience the scene that unfolds in the video at some point – and we’re there with you, Alessia.

  2. Drake Medley

     From a school talent show some years back and it is pure gold. Drake fan or not, this is an incredibly cool compilation.

  3. “I’m Yours”

    The video is all sorts of cuteness, and the song gives you all sorts of feels.

  4. “Hotline Bling”

    Obsessed with the original version, and now just as obsessed with this one.

  5. “Seventeen”

    It’s as if this was ripped out of your diary. I play it during times of nostalgia, or when I feel as if have no clue what I’m doing in life (which is quite often) and I just want to dance. Plus, this vid is totally random and pure fun. Alessia calls it “the poor man’s 7/11 video.”

Norma Retzepis


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