4 hidden gems on Netflix

Too many hours have been lost to the mad Netflix searches for something, anything to watch. And all too often one resorts to low budget horror movies or some tv show from the early 2000s no one’s ever heard of.


Well here are your next five Netflix watches (when you’re done binge watching the unbreakable kimmy schmidt).

1) Submarine


A funny, adolescent love story between strange teenagers. Awesome director, cinematography and actors. Just a feel good movie that simultaneously leaves you thinking.


2) American Psycho


Christian Bale is just fantastic in this film. It’s a smart, funny satire serving as social commentary on our consumerist society.

3)American Beauty


Kevin Spacey fans, you can’t be without this one under your belt. If you’ve ever heard people referencing a weird kid videotaping plastic bags in the wind, it’s from this movie (not Kevin Spacey btw).

4) Clerks


Remember the conspiracy theory that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck didn’t write Good Will Hunting? Well one of the theories stipulated that the man who wrote and directed this, Kevin Smith, was the true mastermind behind that film (which is also on Netflix). Regardless, the man is funny.


So if you feel like watching a full on film with humor and meaning, any of these will suffice.

Happy watching!

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