4 Reasons to Watch Yet Another Vampire Movie


After all the vampire hype of Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries, it’s hard to even mentioned vampires without getting an eye roll and, what can one say? It’s a slightly warranted reaction.

But I present to you an absolutely gorgeous film about a vampire couple married for centuries now living half a world apart.

A brief summary:

Ironically named Adam and Eve, the couple struggles to survive on blood from hospitals, as it is revealed that with the spread of disease through blood, vampires too are beginning to die. As their friends disappear and they are surrounded by “zombies” (the term assigned to the senseless, numbed humans), Adam and Eve consider the few options left to them.

Reasons to actually watch this film:

1) The stellar cast


Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton play Adam and Eve, respectively, and solidify the movie’s overall essence of being bad ass. Along side them are Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt, and Anton Yelchin. Enough said (I hope).

2) The freaking amazing soundtrack !!


The tracks vary widely, featuring amazing vocals by Yasmine Hamdan, heavy percussion, hypnotizing pulses on downbeats, weaving electric guitar riffs, and liberal inclusion of exotic instruments such as zithers (and other instruments to fit the Tangier music scene). Fully available on spotify, this soundtrack makes great, mostly instrumental, background music for studying or chill downtime.

3) The Cinematography


Shot half in the beautiful grunge of Detroit and half in the exotic decay of Tangier, this film is gorgeously shot. The sombre, gothic lighting accompanied with the dilapidated sets of Detroit homes and Tangier cobblestone streets consume the actors and their sunken (vampiric) faces. The camera movement of wide shot pans of the actors in vast, vacant spaces accompanied by this sombre lighting provides the whole film with an almost fugitive tone that fits the reclusive life of a vampire. The atmosphere created truly engulfs the viewer and not only facilitates the viewers perception of Adam and Eve’s desolation, but also constructs an eerie sense of real isolation and emptiness.

4) Overall Message of the Film


Despite the grim setting, plot, and end of the film, there is an odd glamor that surrounds Adam and Eve’s lifestyle and a lingering romanticism that seems to preserve the couple throughout the horrors and troubles that occur during the film: an odd, seemingly misplaced hope rooted in the love between the only lovers left alive.

Besides these four reasons, the movie is just fun to watch, especially if you enjoy more artsy films that exist as a counterpart for mass culture (for example Twilight) and twists our expectations of the typical “vampire movie.”

Happy Watching!




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