Greek Tragedys Never Been so Hip

Orpheus Descending.

One of the saddest of the Greek tragedies. To recap: Orpheus the dreamy musician loses his wife, Eurydice, to Hades, the king of the underworld.


He travels down to rescue her like a boss, but Hades decides to be difficult about this whole snafu. He stipulates that Orpheus must leave the underworld without ever looking back to check Eurydice is following behind him.

I won’t ruin the ending. But it is a greek tragedy.


ANYWAYS. Now all of you fabulous people are up to date, I present to you the absolutely, amazing Anaïs Mitchell.


She entirely wrote, composed, and starred in her operetta Hadestown, a modern retelling of the Greek tragic myth of Orpheus descending. The cast also includes some really freaking talented people! (Justin Vernon- um… Bon Iver anyone? and the Haden Triplets, to name a few) Also the album art is enough to make the indie hipsters- yes I combined them- everywhere cry and bow down to the next vinyl they will be purchasing.


But a word of comfort for all of us plebs who do not own record players (yet!), the whole album is on spotify! IMPORTANT NOTE: the album tells the story, so I personally recommend listening through the whole thing in order once before you start skipping around willy nilly!

Once you’re done, you’ll see why Wait for Me is my favorite (because my subjective taste is an authority here)


Check it out !




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