The 7 Stages of Going Through Dead Week

Dead Week is here, folks! And you know what that means: the constant battle between binge-watching Netflix and attempting to actually study a whole semester’s worth of material in a few hours is approaching you.

1. Denial. Refuse to accept that finals are looming and celebrate the end of the semester by doing cute things in the city with friends or partying.


2. Guilt. You feel really bad that you spent the past few days raging, so you make up for it by trying to study but end up eating ice cream and crying (when you think about your grades at stake.)


3. Anger/Bargaining-Frustrated that you’re already half-way through dead week and have gotten nothing done, you shut down and blame your hot GSI for not preparing you well enough for the class. You also will bargain anything just to not take finals.


4. Depression: After finally attempting to study and realizing that you’ve dug yourself a hole that’s way too deep, you slump into a depression and sleep through a few review sessions.


5. The Upward Turn: You realize that you CAN get through this and in fact do have what it takes to make the grade. So you blast the study grooves and get to it.


6. Reconstruction: You make amends with all the people you smited during dead week. You finally water your house plant. You drink too much caffeine and study with a friend.


7. Acceptance and…hope. You realize that yes, you did waste a lot of valuable time when you should have been studying, but hey, if you had fun then was the time really wasted? You study hard and try your best on the exam, hoping for that A.


Have fun and happy productivity,

-Saba S.


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