For those who celebrate Christmas and for those who have mothers, sisters, friends, girlfriends, and boyfriends for whom you have no idea what to buy, have no fear because you are not the only one. If there is one thing I am not good at it’s buying presents for others, specifically, Christmas presents since I feel bombarded with a giant list of people who I can clearly imagine making faces as soon as they receive their present from me.

And I am not the type to gift socks, well actually I have considered gifting Alexander McQueen and Comme des Garçons socks, but you can see where I am going, I suck at this.

Any who, as a result of this major stress that is in the running race with finals on what can make me cry first, I have spent a ton of time, TOO MUCH time, procrastinating and researching the best deals and most perfect gifts for men and women.

If you’re buying for a giant Mexican family, like myself, and wish to take advantage of the holiday deals these days:

For Young Ladies
Forever21 Christmas deals for ladies.

Forever21 has hundreds of affordable clothes that are also up to date with today’s fashion, that serves a great go-to holiday shopping store if you are buying for way too many ladies. Also, some deals are ridiculous with crop tops selling at $8.00 where they would sell somewhere else for at least $25.00.

For that SPECIAL lady  or genteman

Holiday sale includes free shipping on orders over $160 except sale items, but designer sale items are marked down as low as 70% off!

For him

H&M is on point with men’s clothes. Although their Alexander Wag Collection on November 6th sold out online within the first hour and later in stores, they currently have a 70% holiday sale with lots of goodies for him.

For Mom & Dad

They have a giant selection clothes, shoes, perfumes, basically everything, for men as well, with a great holiday deal and a chance to win some cash. *click image for more information*

Of course, if you feel that this is the basic route, you can get creative with some EA Games, some home made attire, school furniture, or whatever handy things you can create. Also, if you have the luxury to give travel tickets, awesome game-day tickets, or flat screen TV’s as Christmas presents, DO IT! Any of those are better than boring old clothes!

-@DLVPZ (Peep me on Instagram Twitter)

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