Your Favorite Disney Shows And Movies Are Back!

Zetus Lapetus, Disney has done it again!

Zetus Lapetus

We wished upon that star and they’re making our dreams come true! If you haven’t caught wind or if your younger sibling has not told you, Disney has been playing old TV shows and movies on the Disney Channel. In a block they like to call “DisneyReplay”, they air everything from That’s So Raven, Phil of the Future, Kim Possible to even Lilo and Stitch!

They’ve done this once before over the summer but now it seems to be a something that they’re sticking to. Every Wednesday night into Thursday morning (12am-6am), they will play episodes of your favorite show or a two Disney Original Movies (I’m talking about a real DCOMs like the Even Stevens Movie). All the goodies that we grew up on will appear on our screens, or phones if you watch through the “Watch Disney Channel” app.


Yaaaas Raven, I reacting the the same way and so are others. If you’re up late enough, you can tweet along with the millions of others who are also watching the replay with the hashtag #DisneyReplay. Here are some of the tweets people posted about last night’s showings:

I’m so excited that I’ve set my DVR for the rest of the month! Running on gravy and nostalgia, I’ll be watching all the Disney throwbacks over Thanksgiving weekend. I mean they are kinda like family, right?


-Mimi Oloye


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