Autumn is Upon Us: A Rant on Seasonality

I’m really trying to get in the mood, I really am. But it’s proving difficult. Halloween has quickly come and passed, and now November is quickly settling in as falling leaves would during autumn. Despite the fact that I have a constant playlist of slow, acoustic songs about crunchy leaves, apple-picking, and gearing up for the holidays, have eaten about two tubs of pumpkin spice cream cheese (yes, this exists), and have only taken to wearing earthy tones, autumn is not coming fast enough. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first week of November and I spent the entire day out wearing nothing but a dress and didn’t even need a jacket at night.

This dilemma right here is the only caveat to being a Californian: you fail to experience the changing of the seasons. The only thing reminding me that summer is long gone is the fact that the sun starts setting at around 5 pm and the X’s on my calendar that are pointing towards Thanksgiving. A native Southern Californian, I anticipated that coming to the colder North would allow me to experience leaves changing color (granted this did happen to some small degree this year) and forget about my Thanksgivings and Christmases spent at the beach. Alas, this year it seems that no such thing may happen.

While the mood of the semester -between being overwhelmed by midterms, classes, and clubs- definitely has many people like myself feeling that post-summer slump- the gorgeous weather outside fails to remind me that autumn is here and demands to be experienced.


For those who have escaped seasonal states to the glorious state of California, perhaps I have no grounds for complaining. It is, of course, better to be traipsing around in shorts and tank tops in 75 degree weather well a month into fall than to be shivering in the bitter cold, but I can’t help but feel cheated out of a seasonal experience. Being a college student entails forgoing a lot of seasonal experiences due to such hectic schedules, and this very non-autumnal weather is not helping anyone.

Until it actually gets colder, I’ll be here sipping chai lattes and listening to the Spotify Autumn playlist to convince myself otherwise.

What things do you do to remind yourself that we are coming very close to the most wonderful time of the year?

Courtesy of Starbucks

Courtesy of Starbucks

-Saba Saberi


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