Halloween Weekend: National Act Stupid + Get Shwasted Weekend

Not so much for little anti-social me! I proved this weekend that working every single day of a weekend, Halloween Weekend, and being a Cal student is the perfect formula for anti-social-ism. I managed to not eat a bite of Halloween candy, pull together a costume, or even utter the words “Happy Halloween.” I definitely took no notice of the Hallow spirit, besides the haunting feeling of knowing that I am socially disabled, well by choice. If you can relate, here’s the breakdown of just few parties nation-wide that you could have attended if you had not chosen the only weekend in America that it is acceptable to get lose in half-assed cat costumes and launderie…

Friday: Trap Paradise – Miama, Florida


Saturday: Fool’s Gold – Atlanta, Georgia


Saturday: F8 – San Francisco, California


Sunday: Drai’s Beach Club Nightclub


Monday: Mondays at FDR – Miama, Florida


Diana Lopez


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