Giants Win The World Series, It’s Time to Party!

Are you ready to party?! But I don’t mean a Halloween party; I’m talking about the Giants’ parade. Tomorrow, October 31st, the city of San Francisco is throwing a “giant” party for their beloved baseball team.

“Don’t fear, it’s an even year” has been the motto for the Giants in the World Series this year and without a doubt this motto rang true. For the third time in five seasons the team has taken the series title. Yesterday, October 29, the Giants won the seventh game of the World Series in Kansas City against the Royals. After Pablo Sandoval made the final catch that ended it all, you could instantly hear the cheers erupt all over the bay! Many people headed to San Francisco to celebrate last night but the real party starts on tomorrow.

This year the parade begins at noon and runs from Steuart St. down on Market St. and ending at Civic Center Plaza. You’ll be able to see all of the players on the team, including this year’s MVP Madison Bumgarner.

Yes, tomorrow people will call off work, skip school, and cancel appointments just to make sure they don’t miss any of the action. I’m sure if we emailed our professors we’d get an excused absences. Right?

Last year, over a million people showed up and you can expect a lot more this year. So throw on your favorite player’s jersey and head to the parade. Don’t worry if you never make it to an actually Halloween party, you never know when in Giants will win the World Series again, but if you ask for my guess, I’d say in another two years.

-Mimi Oloye


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