Get into that Spooky Spirit

Although I may or may not have already bough eggnog (I totally did), the Fall is the best season.


1.The Seasons
We are just wrapping up our hot Indian Summer (is that racist?) and I’m about ready to wrap in in some scarves for the cold weather coming soon! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the heaters are on at Cafe Strada.
2. No Shave November
Even though it’s a few weeks away, I’m counting down the days until the men are putting down their razors on those faces. Maybe the women are down to participate as well? Buyers choice.


3. The Food
Even though I’m not a huge cinnamon fan, I do like this switch to squash soups, warm desserts, and everything pumpkin. The food made in the new few weeks are only preparing us for the best holiday ever: Thanksgiving.


4. Holidays
My main point, Halloween is so close and I have some ideas if you’re scrambling to get into the spooky spirit before it’s too late (it’s never too late, don’t let Halloween be the only excuse to dress up as a princess) Here are two events that aren’t actually on Halloween but close by that you can attend next weekend to get you ready.


Boo At The Zoo- Oakland Zoo
Dress up and come up in your Halloween costume to visit the animals. There is a parade and treat stations throughout the zoo on October 26.

Pumpkin Patch Dash- Grove Park
In Lieu of my “food” section, if you’re trying to burn some calories (and not do the crazy Tiffany’s half marathon). There’s a carnival and face painting on October 26.


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