Festival season is typically reserved for the summer, but San Francisco proves yet again that they do things a little differently (and in this case, better) by holding the Treasure Island Music Festival in the middle of October. And it’s not just the date of this event that’s breaking the monotony of this festival-less season, the line-up for TIMF this year, which is this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, is BEYOND insane. Who’s playing? Great question: OutKast, Alt-J (∆), Massive Attack, and Chet Faker to name a few. Most notably among this list is Alt-J as they just recently released their follow-up album to An Awesome Wave.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 3.57.20 PM

The new Alt-J album, This is All Yours, is a little more understated than their first album, which can’t be a surprise as their debut album blew everyone away (including Alt-J, I’d imagine). Understated isn’t bad, it just means there aren’t as many head-banging rock ballads. Instead this is a great album to play for some great ambient (and often really seductive) sounds. In fact, this album might have been made with the intention of getting at least someone laid—cue the track Every Other Freckle, which whispers the line “Turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet”. The album includes some sporadic combinations, such as the track Hunger of the Pine; which includes a riff by Miley Cyrus of all people (“I’m a female rebel”), and two lines from a French poem (“Une immense espérance a traversée la terre / Une immense espérance a traversée ma peur”), but what would Alt J be without the perfect combination of electro-rock and straight weirdness?

In short, Alt-J lives up to its stylized name ∆, meaning change, as this album is a departure from their first, but it most definitely demands your attention. Everyone should give this one a listen, and catch their performance at this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival on Sunday night.


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