More late-night distractions to get you through midtermzzzzz

If you’re anything like me during midterm season (or any stressful time, for that matter), then you understand  the struggles of excessive procrastination. There’s a point during the semester where you’ve watched everything there is to watch on Netflix and and Buzzfeed just isn’t cutting it anymore. Personally, one of my favorite ways to ignore life’s responsibilities is by watching late-night talk shows. Late-night programming manages to keep you updated on current events in the lightest and most enjoyable way (because, let’s be real, as Berkeley students we can procrastinate all day but we’ve gotta keep our minds stimulated somehow #nerdalert)!

There’s a new player in the late-night talk show game and his name is John Oliver. You can think of John Oliver as Britain’s answer to America’s Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Last Week Tonight is approaching its six month mark, and as it reaches this milestone its also gaining greater recognition and viewership. John Oliver’s politically satirical approach to current events places Last Week Tonight in the same vein as The Colbert Report and The Daily Show.

TL;DR This show is dope and will have you Berkeley snappin’ and laughing at the same time! Check out some of my favorite segments below!

Catch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Sundays on HBO or on YouTube!


Gaby Andrada


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