My Favorite Chilean Dishes

By Martin Yribarren

I don’t know how to cook. Its a shame, really. If I didn’t live in a co-op that fed me every night I’d probably be dead by now. Co-op dinners aren’t always tasty though, and I’m often left dreaming of my mom’s cooking back home in SoCal. She’s a tiny (like 5’0 tiny) blonde Chilean woman with a heart of gold. Chilean gold. And she can make some mean  empanadas. Here is a list of some of my favorite Chilean dishes that my mom makes back home. I’m posting the recipes too, so go ahead and try cooking one of them! Invite me over! Cook for me! Please!


So basically every country has their version of an empanada, but Chilean beef empanadas are the best obviously. Follow the recipe and cook me some while we watch Rupauls Drag Race together and fall in love.


So you’re supposed to use special corn from central Chile, but who the fuck cares, it tastes great with good old cali corn too. This is probably my most favorite thing my mom makes. It tastes great as a savory dish, but even better if you sprinkle some suga suga on top.


Or in English, CHILEAN CORN PIE. Yum. Amazing. Sort of the same concept as the humita, but in pie form. Sometimes my mom adds hard boiled eggs, olives, and raisins. She makes this for special occasions.



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