Jaden Smith “Fast” Music Video…Comments from Hypebeast.com

Alright, so the kid sucks. Not really, but there has been a ton of hype around Jaden Smith releasing his mixtape pretty soon and around his tweet to Kylie Jenner “#FAST” shortly after the release of the song. Literally, a ton of attention has been given to that one word tweet and fifty word song. Lets see if people feel like the hype was worth their time…

Song is dope, just cut out the weird dressing.

The quickdraw nigga:
Nigga look like Chief Keef had a baby with Emma Watson tho.

Was he wearing a short dress?
              REPLY – Chelx_x: to take shits on the fly
              REPLY – Pajama: He’s moving too “fast”

cars tough as nails though.
why’d you set yourself up with the no pants shit there jaden..

I don’t know who this chick is?
Was she in Glee or somethin’?

Jaden took the “Icarus route” the second he slipped that dress on

emmanueLabor: jazzy jeff rollin over in his grave right now
              REPLY –  PAPOUCHE: Jazzy Jeff isn’t dead.

This boy is like another Kelly Osborne.
Daddy dont preach, son dont rap…

-Diana Lopez

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