Relaxing Music for Finals

It is coming. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s right. Finals. With this being the last week of instruction, dead week and finals week are looming upon us. They are not yet close enough for the real panic to set in, but definitely close enough to make many anxious. 

So, how should you beat finals? Besides taking multiple study breaks, eating right, and exercising, (and of course actually studying), a good, relaxing playlist can always help you de-stress. Here are some great artists that will get you mellowed out and ready for success.

1. The xx. This English indie pop band formed nearly ten years ago, and the music off their two albums is extremely relaxing and ambient. The tracks off their 2009 eponymous debut album all have great beats and melodies that will definitely chill you out while still keeping you motivated to continue working. Listening to “Intro” on repeat can make you lose track of time entirely…in a good way.


2. Jack Johnson– Listening to this surfer/filmmaker/folk singer always puts a smile on my face. Johnson’s songs have excellent soft guitar and ukulele sounds featured in them, and the soothing tambre of his mellow voice singing about things like banana pancakes is sure to cure the all-nighter blues.


3. Bon Iver– The moany, whispery sounds of folk band Bon Iver are not for everyone, but songs such as “Skinny Love,” “Holocene” and “Flume” have addictive melodies that will have you singing along without even knowing it. Heck, you will be so relaxed listening to them you might even fall asleep while listening, but it’s totally worth it.


I encourage you all to create multiple playlists for finals week- not only relaxing music to calm your nerves, but upbeat/crazy music for the necessary dance parties one must have at 3 am while near the brink of insanity, and for everything else in between. 

You can do it!!!!!


-Saba S. 


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