Maybe You Don’t Need This Right Now…But I Sure Do.

CalTV Entertainment

Samah Dada

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve realized something. We are caught up.
So preoccupied. Busy. Tired.

Whenever someone asks me how I am, I almost automatically say “I’m good…but tired.”
Well that’s embarrassing. I’m 19. I shouldn’t be perpetually tired.

Our generation is literally a giant mass of stress and worries. We’re incessantly dramatic. Around this time of year our identities become how many hours we have to study for that final, how many words we have to type for that essay. And perhaps most importantly, the ongoing test of how little sleep we can actually get to just barely function.

All for what?

To say we got an A on our paper? To say we passed a class? To envision that dream job?

The future. We are obsessed with the future. So absorbed with what’s coming next that we don’t even see at what just passed.

I’m not saying to drop everything you’re doing and leave school, work, or whatever it is that is fogging up your view of the now. But I’m just challenging you to pause.

Open a book that has nothing to do with your classes and just read. For 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 2 hours. It doesn’t matter. Just find something that interests you and forget about what’s preoccupying you.

Scroll through your contact list on your phone and find a name of a friend that you may have lost touch with. Text them and ask how they’re doing. You’ll probably make their day because that would definitely make mine.

Abandon your textbook for half an hour and watch that TV show you’ve been dying to catch up with. I’m no doctor, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t kill you.

I am no one to tell you what to do with your life or how to manage your stress levels, but as for me, I’ve definitely needed some perspective recently. So take my two cents and do what you will but remember…you’re probably not going to remember studying for that Stats test 10 years from now.

But going to Coachella, having fun with your friends, and being a joyful step away from that line that divides college from the real world? That, you’ll remember.


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