20 Extremely Unattractive Buzzfeed Lists

In 100 years, if there are any people still alive, they will probably have written all sorts of philosophical essays and fun historical fiction novels about the effect the internet has had on mankind and the way our generation was burdened with the task of being the first to try to integrate it into human culture.

Here’s proof I found on Buzzfeed.com that some people are using the internet to read about absolutely nothing.

1. 67 Thoughts Everyone Has While At Forever 21


2. 27 Things Jews Are Tired Of Hearing On Passover


3. 11 Pets That Are Totally Hypoallergenic


4. 14 Reasons Fake Nails Are The Absolute Worst


5. 13 Of The Most Baltimore Things That Have Ever Happened


6. 23 Signs You’re In A Relationship With Your Senior Thesis


7. 16 Times Young Emma Watson Was Your Style Goddess


8. 13 Genius Hairstyles That Will Last Two Whole Days


9. 10 Ways Having Allergies Is Like Having A Clingy Significant Other


10. 21 Beautiful Universities In The U.K. Where You Can Get Married


11. 23 Things You Missed At The MTV Movie Awards



I can’t do this anymore plus I think we all get the point.. if you’re internetbored and don’t want to learn about anything just go make yourself an OK Cupid account or read the personal ads on Craigslist or talk to people in weird internet chatrooms [hella little kids know how to use the internet], maybe even watch a CalTVE episode to see what’s good around the bay…But what do I know! I have to go now though so, you know, good luck with the whole internet thing.

– Sophia Perez




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