how to deal with “festival wear”

This past weekend was Coachella’s opening weekend. Many online stores such as nasty gal, urban outfitters, and tobi have been a perfect gateway for audience members to grab all the festival garb to dress to the 9s. Some of the outfits are adorable, some are ridiculous, but you’re in a desert, who really cares? It’s hot, as long as it’s minimal clothing, anything is free game.

This isn’t really you’re style and you don’t know if you’re comfortable in these festival clothes (or lack there of) so it takes you a while to get accustomed to the different waist line, ect.

But you know you’re going to feel awesome when slip on those high-waisted jean cut offs and floral headband

Then you realize everyone is kinda wearing the same fringe top, cap, or animal print flow as you

Then you realize some other people are dressed way more ridiculous than you

Or maybe you’re seeing everything?

Because this is what actually happened this past weekend: rs_634x1024-140414170700-Vag_girl

(photo credit:

But long story sort, those who actually get to go to a festival this summer, YOU’RE SO LUCKY. Wear whatever in the world you want, because theres a thousand other people (like myself) that aren’t going to dope concerts this summer and even though we talk smack, we’re really just jealous.

Peace, Love, Bears,

Sarah Stoker


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