Hanging out with Haim


On Thursday, April 10th, I was lucky enough to catch three extremely talented and charismatic sisters (Este, Danielle, and Alanna) that make up the soft-rock band Haim on the first leg of their North American tour at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Often compared to Fleetwood Mac, Haim incorporates soft rock with rhythms from R&B to make a totally unique sound.

Here are my thoughts on the show along with some highlights of the night.


Notable Songs


“Falling” – The band opened with their most popular song of their debut album “Days Are Gone” and shy Danielle wowed the crowd with her impressive skills on guitar as she rocked out.

“Go Slow” – This powerful and emotionally charged song was one of the best of the set. Este killed it playing the bass, made her infamous bass face numerous time and had the entire audience singing along to the catchy phrase “Running from the heat,heat,heat, heat.”


“My Song 5”- The lyrics “I’ve been lied to/So what’s the truth/Now I’m not gonna hide it all, keep it all from you….So honey, I’m not your honey pie” of this song sent a defiant message that concert attendees definitely resonated with. The strong guitar solos mixed with the tambourine really made this song a treat.

Este really worked the audience with this number as she announced: “People like to shake their f***ing asses to this song. So lets do some clapping with no hands, if you know what I mean” and in no time everyone was getting their groove on.IMG_5427


The Atmosphere

Haim gave off a very relaxed and genuine vibe – the sisters do an excellent job of staying true their roots- they even brought out mama and papa Haim to perform a fun rendition of “Mustang Sally” towards the end of the show, which reminded audiences that despite these ladies’ badass demeanor, they don’t forget where they’ve come from. Furthemore, Haim knows how to jam. Multiple times throughout the show the three rocked out on their guitars and invited the audience to view how they experiment with new sounds at home. They also had an awesome drum-session towards the end of the show that really showcased their musical abilites.


Not only are the women of Haim extremely talented rockstars, but they have the ability to exude a sense of vulnerability in their songs which is a refreshing take on what we’ve been seeing in the indie rock scene as of late.

Each of the members of this cohesive band has her own charm, and Este Haim does an amazing job engaging the crowd in between songs with her coarse banter. All in all, Haim had a great look and sound that left me not only satisfied, but wanting more.


-Saba Saberi


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