Is it just me or is there something eerily familiar about this years Outside Lands lineup?! Okay, maybe here it doesn’t look aesthetically similar and maybe the names don’t exactly match up. But as a past Coachella frequenter and someone hoping to lose their O.L. virginity this year, I was disappointed in that initial déjà vu stage where you are a little bit frightened. Although SF has conjured a good amount of big names for this year’s festival, I feel like I’ve seen it all before. Maybe because I counted and have literally seen at least 10 acts at Coachellas past, especially the infamous headliner Yeezus. I guess that’s not really a problem for those who have never been before and want to cram all of their generic appreciation initiated by repetitive conditioning for alt rock and pop-electro acts into a couple days, but I always thought the bay area was THE place for innovation. And Maybe it’s not the actual lineup I’m upset about, it’s likely just the realization that these huge corporate music showcases are actually not at all fun and are taking advantage of my deeply-seated FOMO disorder furthered by their manufactured fun bleeding into my social media feeds. Or maybe it’s because I can’t afford a ticket this year and I’m sad 😦 . I’m absolutely opposed to victim blaming in every other situation, but I can’t stop going back to this thing that hurts me so!!!

Ashley Morgan


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