Feelin a Little Cagey…


Nicolas Cage has been the major target of internet trolldom recently with myriads of memes and videos paying tribute to Cage’s quirky career. Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit is probably one of my top ten favorite Youtube gems to date (click the link. Watch it. Don’t question my taste damn it! You’re already reading an article about Nicolas Cage there’s no going back. That link is golden).

As a result of this sudden Cage inundation a dream was born. Somewhere between the linens section and bedding of a Bed Bath and Beyond, in the mission district of San Francisco, a man by the name of Ezra Croft (who I hope is married to someone named Lara) decided that Nicolas Cage needed an Art show. Croft was tired of all the hoity-toity snobbery that seemed to hang flaccidly in the air of  most San Francisco Art shows and decided that maybe art could be…I don’t know…fun, or something. So mark your calendars because this Cagey exhibition will be at San Francicso’s Mission District bar Balançoire on April 12. It’s $10 for admission and art will include illustrations, photo montages, video art, live skits, paintings, and more!!!




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