Some Thoughts on the End of “How I Met Your Mother”

Approximately 206 episodes later, the moment we have all been waiting for is upon us. Viewers from all across the country are finally going to learn just how exactly Ted Mosby met The Mother on Monday’s two part, hour-long series finale. For nine seasons, we waited for Ted to finally meet the woman of his dreams, and laughed and cried as he and his friends stumbled their way through life in the Big Apple.

In this ninth season, we know who The Mother is, and we know how bits and pieces about Ted’s life with her, but a lot of information about Ted and The Mother’s early relationship remains unknown. What questions will be answered in the series finale on Monday night’s one-hour episode? What loose ends will be tied up? Will rumors about why Ted is telling this story to his kids be alleviated?  Will Robin Sparkles ever re-emerge? Do Ted’s kids ever get to stand up and/or go to the bathroom after nine seasons of sitting down? So much time has gone by, and yet so many questions remain!



As the show draws to an end, it is interesting to note how we have  watched each of the characters grow and change with each other. In many ways, viewers have grown and matured with the characters throughout the years. Looking back at older episodes, it seems that they  are set completely different world- one in which iPhones have not yet been invented or where social media is not yet prevalent.

Ultimately, it is indeed time for this show to end. As much as Barney’s outrageous antics and Lily and Marshall’s relationship will be missed, nine seasons is definitely long enough to satisfy viewers, and moreover, each of the characters is finally settling down. Let us hope that whatever does happen tonight does not end up disappointing people across the country. One thing can be guaranteed, however,…and that is that tears WILL be shed.



Happy Watching!


-Saba Saberi

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