8 drag queen music videos you should watch

I’m obsessed with drag queens, and you should be to. Here is a little list I made of some of my favorite drag music videos. You’re welcome for these gifts of life that I have bestowed upon you.

1. Sylvester, one of the OG drag superstars, put out this hit in the 70’s.  

2. Rupaul, the one and only supreme goddess of the universe, burst onto the scene with “Supermodel” in the early 90’s. She changed the game. 

3. Willam, Detox, and Vicki Vox (DWV) released this parody song during the big big Chik-fil-A scandal. Amazing. 

4. Former Rupauls Drag Race contestant Manilla Luzon is one of the most beautiful drag queens I’ve ever seen. Witness her beauty. 

5. Here is Shangela Laquifa, another Drag Race alum, featuring Abby Lee from dance moms. 

6. Another hit from DWV, THIS BOY IS A BOTTOM. 

7. Raja. The songs not great but witness the fashions.

8. My favorite, SHARON MOTHERFUCKING NEEDLES. “Give me a dollar and I’ll take a poop, on your new Armani suit”. 


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