The Grand Budapest Hotel

So Mr. Anderson is at it again and produced another one of his primary color inundated, hipster fuel, fun films– The Grand Budapest Hotel. This quirky movie has an all star cast comprised of Ralph Fiennes, Adrien Brody (shocking I know), Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, Jude Law, and more and is a MUST SEE. This charmingly bizarre film follows the trials and tribulations of a new lobby boy at the Grand Budapest Hotel which involves gourmet cakes and inmates, bloody noses, Boy with Apple, three weird sisters, the color orange, cougar fetishism, murdered priests, love, life, and loss all blurred together in a quaintly irresistible fashion that is stereotypical Wes. Though Wes Anderson’s quirk was entertaining I think it may have been just a touch overwhelming/overdone and felt slightly gimmicky at points, though still deeply enjoyable. I would say it’s second only to The Royal Tennenbaums which is my personal favorite. But what does a senioritis riddled English major now about such things anyway? Check it out for yo self fools (even if it’s just to find out what the f$#@ I meant by Boy with Apple)! The Grand Budapest Hotel politely swept theaters last Friday March 14th so go check it out while you still can!


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