My Netflix picks!


It’s safe to say that pretty much every college student across the nation has a Netflix account… What else would we be spending so much time doing instead of studying? I’ve had a Netflix for a few years now and I’ve definitely milked my $8/month subscription to its fullest. I’m constantly discovering new things to watch, but I also always manage to revert back to some of my old favorites. Here are some Netflix picks that I definitely think you should check out!


Bob’s Burgers: I know, I know… what college-aged person is still watching cartoons? THIS GIRL! And for good reason. I came across this animated series and instantly fell in love. It is a smart, well-written comedy that centers around the family dynamics of the Belchers. It’s simple and fun and the perfect, light-hearted pick me up you need during midterms. 


Blackfish: This documentary is an eye-opener and a must see! It examines the life and captivity of killer whale Tilikum. I promise you will cry and never want to go to SeaWorld ever again!


Hot Coffee: Another documentary (I really love documentaries, okay…) that is as equally deserving of your viewership! This one surrounds the “hot coffee” lawsuit that took place in the 1990’s, and the ever-expanding issues surrounding tort-reform! This one’s for all you looking for something slightly more mentally stimulating than an animated show…


Stuck in Love: Does anyone ever have one of those night where you really just need a good rom-com and some snacks and everything feels right in the world? I have those nights frequently and I’ve pretty much watched every romantic comedy out there. This one has a really good cast, really good, intersecting story lines, and lots and lots of heart. 

Let me know what you’ve been loving on Netflix!


Gaby Andrada

CalTV Entertainment



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