Martin and I were reborn sometime in late January when we stumbled across a buzzfeed article titled “20 Songs from Around the World You Might Have Missed”

Basically it’s a bunch of hit songs from other countries that the US hasn’t quite caught wind of yet. Among our favorites was “Break Up Dinner”, an instant KPOP classic and our introduction to a pop culture we had only vaguely known existed.

The songs are more of a guilty pleasure than a cathartic experience (our ability to connect deeply to the music is pretty impaired by our inability to speak Korean) but the beats are surprisingly catchy and the music videos are generally over the top. Check it out for yourself:

Break-Up Dinner by San E feat. Sanchez of Phantom

Hush by Miss A

Babay by Zion.T feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo

Female President by Girl’s Day

Bad Girl by Bumkey feat. E-sens of Supreme Team

Feel as if you’re only scratching the surface of what may constitute the rest of your life? Us too, so come meet us at this weekend’s KPOP convention, hosted on the campus of our very own university, UC friggin Berkeley (of course). We’ll be wearing tights 😉


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