5 Reasons Why We Love The Oscars


Special shout out to all my fellow award show junkies out there! This weekend brings us our most coveted night of the season… THE OSCARS! I’d be lying if I said I had anything else to look forward to this weekend (except maybe a plethora of studying … yay midterm season…) Now, do you ever wonder what is it about The Oscars that sucks you right back in every year? Why do we push aside all of our responsibilities for an entire evening just to sit in front of a television and watch people win little golden statues? Besides the fact that award shows in general are about as addictive as it gets, here’s 5 reasons why The Oscars keep us coming back:


5. VIEWING PARTAYS! There’s really nothing like sitting down with your fellow Oscar-loving friends and indulging in the amazingness that is the Academy Awards. Throw in some comfy pajamas, drinks, and popcorn? You know you’re down. So down.


4. THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS! The host of the ceremony usually sets the tone for the entire show. Waiting to see what crazily entertaining stunts and jokes each year’s host is going to come up with is just about as suspenseful as seeing who takes home a statue! This year, Ellen DeGeneres is taking on the role of host and she is sure not to disappoint!


3. CALLING ALL FILM AFICIONADOS! Regardless of everything else on this list, we can’t forget what the Oscars are actually all about: MOVIES! We all tune in to the Oscars to celebrate the talent, creativity, and hard-work of the film industry.


2. THE RED CARPET! The red carpet pre-show is a spectacle in and of itself. Dozens of your favorite leading men looking dapper in well-tailored suits? Hollywood’s leading ladies showing up in jaw-dropping gowns? ALL WE COULD ASK FOR! Of course, it is also quite fun to see who shows up looking like a mess…


1. YOU ARE LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH THE OSCARS! We all (not so) secretly can’t wait until we get the opportunity to thank the Academy ourselves. Our time will come, don’t worry. Until then, we can keep perfecting our future acceptance speeches in the comfort of our own homes.

I’ll be tuning in this weekend, will you? (Who am I kidding, of course you will!)


Gaby Andrada

CalTV Entertainment


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