Album of the Month- So Long, See You Tomorrow

If you’re looking to discover some new music or have been anxiously awaiting the release of Bombay Bicycle’s club’s fourth album, So Long, See You Tomorrow is most definitely worth a listen.

The English indie rock band is back on the scene with their new album that dropped on February 3, 2014, and they could possible be on the verge of a breakthrough. The ten new tracks feature an eclectic and internationally inspired mix of synthesizers, guitar, piano, and various percussion instruments that sound similar to their last album, and many songs feature a nostalgic, lullaby-esque feel.

The entire album draws heavily on the idea of loops, seeing as how the album cover features many circles within each other, and a lot of the songs have segments that heavily looped and refer to the notion of going back to something.


Here are some songs that you just can’t miss from the album:

“Carry Me”

This is the first single from the album and starts out with a mix of percussion and electronic sounds. Again, the concept of loops is referred to as the lyrics “you carry me” are repeated almost throughout the entire song. If often find myself playing this song while studying and then zoning out entirely in the best way possible.


“Luna” is one of my personal favorites on the album because it makes me very nostalgic, but at the same time I get this urge to just break out and dance (even if I’m in public). The fun mix of percussion and snyths and lead singer Jack Steadman’s dreamy, distant voice is somewhat reminiscent of earlier albums. Even so, this track reminds us of how awesome BBC’s new sound is. If one song could propel BBC to insane mainstream fame, this emotional tune would be the one.


This song starts out with a sample from a Bollywood song, and immediately makes you feel like you are out in streets of India, hanging out with a snake charmer and anticipating that “one feeling” that Steadman is singing about (Steadman’s trip to India inspired the use of tabla rhythms and samples from Indian music). Lara Rose is featured here, intensifying this song about a lost love’s return.

“It’s Alright Now”

Steadman’s dainty vocals start out the song and are complemented by collaborator Lara Rose’s sweet background to make “It’s Alright Now” one of the most memorable tracks on the album. The lyrics “it’s alright now, I don’t wanna wait”/ “Made a plan to be someone”/Mess it up when the moment comes” highlight a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety, but the instrumentals somehow turn it into a “go-get-em” anthem.

If you liked any of BBC’s old albums or have never heard of them before, you should definitely check this album out!  The band is currently on their UK/US tour, and they’ll be at the Fillmore in San Francisco on April 20th (!)

-Saba Saberi


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