Present presents without losing presence

The Holiday season has officially approached, and if you’re anything like me, just as I’m getting into the mood, Christmas is over! I have some tips I would love to entertain the procrastinators with to enjoy the present (current) season were cherishing. 

1. Christmas music


It takes me forever to sit down and find Christmas music that I end up missing out on the perfect time to listen to it. So if you haven’t made a Christmas tunes playlist yet, don’t fret. Pandora and Spotify are your new best friends. Continue to jam out to that, because you’re only going to listen to Christmas music for about six weeks of the whole year, don’t use up all your space up on your phone.

2. Presents


One colossal attribute of Christmas is gift giving. So many loved ones you want to show appreciation for, the task sometimes becomes daunting. Secret Santa is one of the greatest traditions that entered college with me. Suggest that for your office, team, family, or similar large group of people you love. You’ll end up expressing the same idea, that you love the people you’re around, with less time.

When you do buy presents, get creative! Blogs have great Do-It-Yourself ideas for specific people. Get inspired from what other people enjoy. Accept the fact that your best friend or lover is super weird and needs a very specific present, don’t stress, you’ll think of something. 

3. Attire 


This is the time where you can dress like a disco ball and get away with it. This is the time when you’re people you only see once a year, like grandma, are going to make comments about your weight or acne, so you have to look good. Or maybe you’re someone who always looks good so change things up a bit, and put on that festive sweater. Take into consideration balancing looking hot and staying hot can be a struggle during this frigid time.    

4. Tradition 


Most importantly, enjoy the holidays yourself! Traditional events like the nutcracker, going to fancy holiday orchestras, or just some random fun holiday show, will do the trick. Surround yourself with love, loved ones, and fudge. Before you know it, it will be all over. 


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