Hey y’all!!! Now that we’ve all indulged in our own Thanksgiving dinners and blown our savings on all of those Black Friday deals, we can officially be excited for CHRISTMASSSS!!!!!!!! The month of December is a bittersweet time of course… As we all know, finals are coming up and that means we only have a few weeks to get our shit together before we (hopefully) rock our finals and go home for one wonderful month of winter break! Finals may or may not have all of us going crazy, but it’s okay because now we can happily listen to Christmas music and watch classic holiday movies without being judged! I thought I’d share with y’all some of my absolute favorite Christmas themed things so that we can get through finals together! (:



It’s a Wonderful Life: If you haven’t watched this CLASSIC holiday film, you have not been doing the holidays right! If there is any movie that can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it’s this one!


The Holiday: This one is for all of my rom-com lovers out there! You’ve all probably seen Love, Actually about a thousand times (as have I) so here’s another holiday themed romantic comedy that I love! It’s cute, heart-warming, and really quite hilarious!

Michael Buble’s Christmas: I melt every time I listen to this album… which is often… I definitely suggest checking out the entire album if you haven’t already! Lots of classics + Buble’s voice = perfection.

Wham!’s Last Christmas: There are a ton of different versions of this song but Wham!’s version is obviously the best… Right!?

The Office: I found this video of all of the best Office Christmas moments and now I’m temped to go back and watch all the episodes through again…



Holiday-themed Peeps: Look at how cute and yummy they look! You bet I picked these up as my mom was last-minute grocery shopping the morning of Thanksgiving…

tumblr_md2lwdeoMm1qmib1so1_500Holiday-scented candles: I may or may not have snuck some of these into my dorm room… OOPS.

These are a few of my favorite things!!!! I really hope you all got that reference… Best of luck to you all during finals and enjoy the holiday season! (:


Gaby Andrada


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