Thor 2: Why Did I Watch This?

So, I didn’t go into Thor 2: Darkworld expecting very much. I’m a huge fan of the “superhero” film genre, but I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to these films. I am also a masochist, and so I will watch pretty much anything that marvel produces. Iron Man 3? Yeah, I sat through it. Captain America Remake? Nazis… cool. And now, Thor 2: Darkworld, because mediocrity needed a sequel.

Don’t get me wrong, the first Thor was fine. Overwhelmingly fine. It had fantastic CGI, a good enough villain, and Natalie Portman, who was probably the best part about that movie.

We love you Natalie

We love you Natalie

I cheered as Thor beat up his shape-shifting brother, and even chuckled once or twice at the scripted jokes. I assumed that Thor 2 would be similarly average, but was disappointed to discover that the film was really just an even weaker version of its predecessor.

Everything that was good about the first movie was still there. The graphical rendering of the many worlds in Thor’s “universe” was still spectacular. Asguard has never looked so good.

c80-Asgard_front coast2

Tom Hiddleston, despite a very bland script, still nails his role as Loki, the devious brother of Thor whose role alternates between hero and villain. I have always found Loki to be a very compelling villain, and I feel that Higgins consistently captures the essence of that character.


And, of course, Natalie Portman is still gorgeous and talented.



But Thor 2 suffers from a number of problems that are not uncommon to superhero films. The plot is, quite honestly, extremely underdeveloped and leaves the audience asking, “why did I care about any of this?” Thor 2’s primary villain is Malekith, a “dark elf” whose dastardly plot involves destroying the entire universe in order to reinstate “eternal darkness.” Come on.


Eye roll 

On the acting side, Higgins and Portman do a good enough job, but most of the other actors are uninspired at best and downright annoying at worst. If one could win an Oscar for flexing, Chris Hemsworth would be beating Meryl. But, alas, his performance doesn’t really develop beyond the “tough guy with a hammer” persona he developed in the first movie.

Amazing performance

Amazing performance

And, worst of the all, the film is plagued by awful jokes. Horrendous jokes. TERRIBLE JOKES. Seriously, the movie contains multiple scenes in which the designated “mad scientist” Erik Selvig, played by Stellan Skarsgard, runs around with no pants on. I expect better.



In conclusion, I can’t give a glowing recommendation for Thor 2: Darkworld. What I will say is this: every Marvel movie has its place in the Marvel universe. I will be glad that I saw this decidedly average film because at least I will catch some references in future Marvel films, all of which I will be seeing. No matter how bad they look.

Here’s to waiting for Avengers 2!

Lol is this real life

Lol is this real life

By Grant Genske


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