Drake + Rain in the Bay, Coincidence? I Think Not


You know what they say, when it rains it’s because God is listening to Drake in heaven. Well that was certainly the case last night as Drake took the stage at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA for his “Would You Like a Tour?” excursion.

The concerts which first had a three week delay back in October due to rehearsal and technical preparations is now on its way to the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA for its 38th concert.

Drake sure made some folks reminisce on their ex’s as  “Adorn” singer, Miguel and “Love and Affection” rapper, Future, came along for the ride.


Miguel (left) Future (right)

Of course Drake touched a lot of  fans last night with his songs of love and despair, but most impressive was his stage setup. Not exactly sure who is responsible for the futuristic, two giant circle, UFO type look of the stage, but it sure is different from his last couple of concerts. The stage had its DJ pit and band somewhere in the middle of it all, and although it was not close to what Kanye’s DONDA did, the design is far better than those of other rappers so far.


The Canadian rapper has four more concerts to go including one in Los Angeles, CA where ticket prices for the Staple Center have rocketed sky high unlike Oakland’s Oracle Arena where tickets were still available up until the start of the show at around $60 yesterday evening.

At this point, I would go into Drake’s attire for the show, but as usual it is probably not in the upper echelon of fashion. I much rather dedicate my last words and photos to the handsome Ryan Silverstein.


Ryan, one of the OVO crew members and Drake’s actual cousin is basically just the dude that makes Drake’s music videos even more appealing to the world. Although, part of the Drake OVO crew, he dedicates his time to promoting Topszn, a clothing line. In other words, he’s basically the model among the producers, dj’s, and creative directors of Drake’s music label, OVO Sound.

Ryan Silverstein certainly makes my morning Hump Day a lot better, so I will leave it at that!

-Diana Lopez


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