My First Time: Spookfest 2013


When it comes electronic music, they say you never forget your first. And, I have to say, Live 105’s Spookfest, which I attended this past October, was a pretty damn good first.

For the longest time, I had been curious about electronic music. What was all the fuss about? Why were people so passionate about this stuff? I had always loved dancing to popular electronic artists like Avicii, Zedd and Calvin Harris. But, honestly, it all felt overrated. How was any of it really all that different from other popular music? I went to Spookfest on a party bus with a bunch of my friends, and headed into the experience thinking that it was going to be like a number of other concerts I had attended.

But it wasn’t. It was exciting! It was electrifying. And it was truly unlike anything else I had ever experienced. Upon departure from the party bus, I immediately heard the distant, rhythmic pounding of music, and felt my heart begin to beat a little faster. As I followed the crowds surging towards the Oracle Arena, I was swept up in a stream of flamboyant costumes and vibrant laughter. I sensed that every other person I encountered was eager to connect, and willing to sacrifice their own sense of personal space for the sake of that connection. As we got closer and closer to the front gate, I felt the collective energy swell and crescendo, building towards a thunderous fortissimo.

And then I stepped into the arena.



I was greeted by a stunning array of laser lights and a deafening tidal wave of sound. We arrived pretty early and thus beat most of the crowds, so we snagged spots close to the front of the arena, maybe 40-50 feet away from the stage. I enjoyed the open space by dancing furiously to Mord Fustang’s set, and in the process sprained my ankle. In any other situation, this would have been a major setback, but I was far too excited to let this minor inconvenience ruin my Spookfest experience.

As the night went on, the stadium began to overflow with people. The entire crowd pulsed and undulated with the steady, constant beat of A-Trak’s “Heads Will Roll,” an appropriate choice for the Halloween themed event. As someone who really only knows a lot of mainstream electronic music, my favorite segment of the concert was Sebastian Ingrosso’s set. I became entirely too emotional during a remix of Axwell’s “Center of the Universe” and completely lost my mind when he dropped “Don’t You Worry Child.” I was perplexed by Empire of the Sun, but felt that their lavish costumes and almost extraterrestrial aura were fitting for a concert that was as much a costume contest as a musical event.


Empire of the Sun – Wut?

All in all, it was a pretty unforgettable experience. So, I would just like to say: “thank you, Spookfest. I’m glad my first time was with you.”


Thank you, Spookfest


By Grant Genske


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