From one John to another

Choosing which news network you watch often says a lot about your personality. The choice often comes with many stereotypes and biases.  This decision has now become more difficult, but I am proud to say I am becoming a two news network kinda gal: Comedy Central and HBO, you both get my attention.

This blog is a tribute to a human of greatness. This week it was announced that America’s favorite news program is losing an asset– John Oliver, political correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, will be leaving the show. At first I was shocked, so many emotions, who will make me laugh (other than Jon Stewart #silverfox)? But then the relief that- don’t fret- John Oliver will be receiving his own show on HBO. The show is being described as a “topical weekly comedy series”, where we can expect the same kind of antics we know and love from the Daily Show. The show will take a satirical look at each week’s news and current events (that doesn’t sound like a different show at all) and air on Sunday nights starting sometime in 2014. And I, for one, can’t wait.


Satirical news has become many people’s main source of information these days. With corruption for the major news networks, someone many of us find solace in someone who opening mocks the ridiculous antics of politics. Sources like The Onion, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report make us laugh hysterically, while feeling somewhat informed about our bleak world. John Oliver’s new show is sure to deliver us the same satisfaction.Image

John is sure to be greatly missed at Comedy Central, where he proved himself to be fan-fucking-tastic at going solo when he took over as lead anchor on The Daily Show when Stewart was directing a film. HBO, you are one lucky multi-billion dollar network.

In memory of your stint on Comedy Central:

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